Spraying equipments




  • Spraying

We have electric backpack prayers to spray field crops and pneumatic airblast STIHL to spray grapevine and trees.






  • Sprayer on the potato planter  :

We have a potato planter with 2 rows, which is equiped with a sprayer system in the furrow.

Irrigation system

Cerestis has 2 types of irrigation system  :

  • full coverage with sprinklers, on fungicid or variety platform


  • misting for fungicid trials as downy mildew

Sowing and harvest equipment

  • Plot combine

CERESTIS has a new plot combine harvester Haldrup C60, avec pesée embarquée. La machine est équipée pour effectuer la récolte de grandes cultures : céréales, colza, soja, pois, tournesol….



  • Harvest of potatoes

We have a potato harvester for 1 row and a potato screen sizer.


  • Seeder

We have a plot seeder with belt cone to sow cereals and oilseed rape.

  • Number of rows : 9
  • Row spacing : 14 cm
  • Width : 1,26 m



  • Precision seeder

We have a precision seeder, with manual control to sow oilseed rape or sugarbeet.

  • Number of rows : 4
  • Row spacing: 45 cm



  • Potato seeder

We are equipped with a potato seeder, 2 rows, with adjustable width, from 75 cm to 90 cm.