Cerestis, inside Champagne.


Cerestis has two experimental units, based in Champagne-Ardennes:

  • an unit based in Saint léger sous Brienne, in Aube.
  • an other unit based in Soudron, in Marne

Cerestis can act on several departments:

  • Aube
  • Marne
  • Yonne and Côte d’Or in the South
  • Haute Marne and Meuse in the East
  • Aisne and Ardennes in the North.

This large zone allows us to propose several pedoclimatic conditions: chalky field, loamy valleys or hillsides.

Based inside the first French agricultural region, where 62% of the territory is cultivated, Cerestis has a large sample of crops:

  • Field crops (cereals, oilseed rape, maize, sunflower, sugar beets, peas…)
  • Vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, onions….)
  • Other crops more specific as Lucerne, opium poppy or lentils
  • Grape vigne

Thanks to its farmers network, we have a selection of plots which allows us to be in line with our clients’ request.